Road maintenance

The road and highway maintenance department of JSC “Ceļu pārvalde” provides the road maintenance services both in winter and summer periods


  • Motorized territory cleaning
  • Construction, maintenance and repair of the sewage collectors and their components
  • Profiling of gravel roads
  • Motorized lawn mowing
  • Collection of sand products after winter season and road repair works
  • Garbage collection and removal
  • Holes repair
  • Repair of benches and sheds


  • Motorized cleaning of territories and streets from snow
  • Snow removal to disposal centers
  • Streets and squares processing using antislip materials
  • Sales of antislip materials

Why choose us?

JSC Road Administration is a stable industry company driven by the value of the company: highly skilled and experienced specialists, responsibility and satisfaction for accomplishment, ability to change and accept challenges.