Asphalt concrete production


According to the State Road specifications the hot bituminous mixtures SMA, AC, ACb, PA are being produced in Asphalt Plant in conformity with standards:

  • LVS EN 1310811: 2006 + AC: 2008 / SMA
  • LVS EN 13108-5: 2006 + AC: 2008 / AS, ACb
  • LVS EN 13108-7 : 2006 + AC: 2008 / PA

Mineral materials from magmatic rocks (quartz DIORIT, diabase, gneiss) as well as dolomite are used as raw material. We produce also hot mineral materials, sand, crushed stone.

We have obtained Production process control certificate (No. 1325 – CPD-1615), which includes production control assessment, followed by surveillance. The certificate gives the right for us, as manufacturers to label products with the CE mark.



  1. Asphalt concrete mixtures of different composition
  2. Antiskid materials for winter season

Why choose us?

JSC Road Administration is a stable industry company driven by the value of the company: highly skilled and experienced specialists, responsibility and satisfaction for accomplishment, ability to change and accept challenges.