JSC “Ceļu pārvalde” resumes cold asphalt production

We inform all partners, as well as new customers that JSC “Road Administration” asphalt plant Bukultu Street 3, resumes production of cold asphalt by technology, which uses a special bitumen additives.

Cold asphalt is used for temporary repairs of roads, sidewalks, car parks and yards, and can be applied at any time of the year or in the weather.

Cold asphalt is easy to handle, with no need for professional skills and special equipment, since it can be used both in a professional company, engaged in road repairs and the people who have the desire to repair the hole in his backyard on the road, street and so on.

Cold asphalt is also flexible enough at negative temperatures, also useful after prolonged storage (at least one year), its

it is not necessary to heat or mix and after the application can immediately restore the transport movement.

Before laying the cold asphalt, the holes must be cleaned mechanically or with compressed air, the minimum depth of the hollow is not less than 3 cm. To increase the adhesion of cold asphalt and existing repaired coating, surface priming can be performed.

Cold asphalt is currently available in both open and pre-packaged form.

For further information, you can find out by calling +371 22048780 or by sending an application to the indicated e-mail: abr@celuparvalde.lv.

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