Since 2003 JSC “Ceļu pārvalde” implemented and certified the integrated management system. The unified coordinated system includes all the necessary aspects of the activities of the company. The integrated management system is aimed to the achievement of the common goals. It means that all the particular processes and documents are gathered and are being used as the components of one system. The integrated management system of JSC “Ceļu pārvalde” includes three separate management systems, the purpose of which is to ensure more efficient and profitable activities of the company.


In 2003 JSC “Ceļu pārvalde” obtained the certificate which confirmed the compliance of the system with the requirements of the standard LVS EN ISO 9001. It is mostly aimed to the clients’ satisfaction which can be promoted by regulating the internal processes of the company and by improving them continuously.

LVS EN ISO 45001

In 2003 JSC “Ceļu pārvalde” implemented the system related to the labour safety and occupational health in accordance with the requirements of the standard LVS EN ISO 45001. The purpose of this system is to ensure the high level of labour safety and occupational health in the company. By the implementation of this standard the company confirms the care of the employees’ health and safety, the existing and eventual clients, owners and the interests of the whole society. The certification of this standard shows how the company controls and knows all the essential risk factors which appear in the everyday activities of the company and in the eventual crisis situations, and acts correspondingly in order to prevent or diminish them.

The production processes control certificate

On 8 February 2010 JSC “Ceļu pārvalde” obtained the production processes control certificate No. 1325-CDP-1615. It confirms that the bituminized mixtures for roads, landing fields and other traffic fields manufactured by JSC “Ceļu pārvalde”, comply with the standards LVS EN 13108-1:2006 +AC:2008LVS EN 13108-1:2006 +AC:2008, LVS EN 13108-5:2006 +AC:2008 and LVS EN 13108-7:2006 +AC:2008, and the manufacturer has the right to mark the certified products with the mark CE.


Why choose us?

JSC Road Administration is a stable industry company driven by the value of the company: highly skilled and experienced specialists, responsibility and satisfaction for accomplishment, ability to change and accept challenges.