About us

JSC “Celu parvalde” (CP)is a stable sector company whose development is driven by the company’s values: highly qualified and experienced professionals, accountability and satisfaction on the progress, the ability to change and accept challenges. CP experience can be measured in decades; it has its roots in the past century in the Fifties. Over time, the company has changed the status, name, management core and business profile, always maintaining the principal function – the street repair and maintenance in Riga city.


CP was formed in 1994, with the privatization of the Riga municipal enterprise “Celu parvalde.” The Riga City Council and the company’s employees participated in privatization. At that time, the company’s share capital was 316 thousand lats that was the value of company’s technological and industrial base. At that time, 50% shares were held by Riga City Council, 5% – by State Social Insurance Agency, 44.5% – by company’s employees and 0.5% served on the board’s margins, because it was so stated by legislation at that point in time. Today the situation is different – share capital increased to nearly 1.7 million lats and the Riga City Council owns 88.7% shares, the State Social Insurance Agency – 0.9%, individuals -10.4%.

In the past, there were no tenders; therefore, CP as a local municipal company set specific tasks to be fulfilled. While in the late nineties the procedure for awarding government contracts has changed across the country, so CP in the same way as other enterprises, receives orders from Riga municipality only under auction or tender procedures. CP has always actively participated in tenders matching its business profile to increase amount of work, as well as mastered new technologies and scopes of activities. Significant positive changes in business CP started up with an initiation of operation of new asphalt plant (Amman). In the spring of year 2013 as the owner of 88,73 shares become private company.

The company has works consistently profitably that allowes to invest much of the profit in business development – new, modern road and street routine maintenance machinery is acquired, new technologies are introduced, directions of activities are developed.


At present, the main scopes of JSC “Ceļu pārvalde” are:

  • Construction of roads with asphalt, stone and concrete paving, gravel and other surfacing, reconstruction, repair and routine maintenance
  • Mechanized and hand labour cleaning of streets, sidewalks, parks and green areas and their complex maintenance for winter and summer conditions
  • Maintenance, repair and construction of rain water drainage systems
  • Asphalt production and sales
  • Professional machinery rent
  • Laboratory service
  • Sales of sand and gravel materials from quarry “Kalaci”

Quality management system

Obtained quality management, as well as safety and occupational health certificates „ISO 9001: 2015” and „ISO 45001: 2018” confirm the quality of company’s quality management system.

Company development JSC “Celu parvalde” management team is confident that the accumulated experience and daring ambitions with the company’s strategic planning are driving forces for the company’s development.

Why choose us?

JSC Road Administration is a stable industry company driven by the value of the company: highly skilled and experienced specialists, responsibility and satisfaction for accomplishment, ability to change and accept challenges.